Artist Mike Shine "Flotsam's Wonder World" documentary by Colin M. Day

    Flotsam’s Wonder World opened it’s doors to the magic of Mike Shine at the newly established 941 Geary Space in San Francisco. The world of wonderment showed us truly while lie in Shine's head.

    The show set a new bar for the art world, and is establishing 941 Geary as a serious museum level gallery. The Shine show really creates not only a dialogue amongst visitors, but total interaction. It’s just plain fun.

    Flotsam’s Wonder World is something never before seen in the San Francisco art scene. We highly recommend taking a trip down the midway, amidst the sounds of and smells of Mike Shine’s mind, to meet Flotsam first hand.

    941GEARY is proud to present
    Flotsam’s Wonder World
    New Works by Mike Shine
    September 18, 2010 through October 30, 2010


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