Pop Up Lisbon 2010

    Pop Up is an annual cultural event dedicated to the promotion and show of urban culture multiple expressions and agents. Intervenes in vacant or abandoned urban buildings giving them new life through art. Gathers new talents and established artists in a cultural and dynamic program developed in permanent interaction with the identity and population of the city where it takes place.

    Pop Up started in 2009 in Lisbon city, but intends to become an international platform of urban culture exchange, bringing together artists and talents from different cities around the world, aiming to promote Lisbon cultural identity in and out of doors.

    Pop Up Lisboa 2010 will take place between November 4th and December 11th. This years event is dedicated to Urban Nomads theme, brings together an exhibition of urban culture projects from multiple artistic expression areas and promotes a dynamic program that will take place in various spaces, gathering portuguese and international artists participations.

    Pop Up Lisboa 2010 invites artists and experts from cultural and artistic fields to work and discuss the events theme and its conceptual subjects in a cycle of talks named “Conversas Pop Up Lisboa 2010” and on the presentation of site-specific art projects to be developed in the spaces where the event takes place. The project is also opened to ten new talents, to be selected through Pop Up Lisboa 2010 International Artistic Projects Contest.

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