Kira Ayn Varszegi - Artist's boobs are her 'brushes'

    BUSTY artist is putting her boobs to good use — by PAINTING pictures with them

    Kira Ayn Varszegi covers her breasts in paint and then presses them like brushes against her canvases

    The 34-year-old uses a mixture of colours and angles her boobs in various different directions to create her eye-catching pieces.

    She then sells her breast pieces online, with some fetching more than £600.

    Since creating her first painting in 2001, Kira, from Connecticut, US, has created thousands of pieces which she sells from her online shop, Turtle Kiss Designs.

    She said: "I enjoy working with different mediums and finding new ways to get paint on to a canvas.

    "My intention is to provoke emotion through my art, make living spaces more beautiful, spark conversation, and most importantly, make people smile.

    "I think my art raises more than a few smiles.

    "My paintings are art I would hang on my own wall. I don't think about what other artists do or galleries would want."

    Meanwhile, an amateur artist known only as Victoria is also hoping to make a splash by painting with her breasts.

    Victoria, of St Petersburg, Russia, said: "I had a dream one night that I was painting with my breasts and I made beautiful flowers on canvas.

    "When I woke up I decided to try it. Then one person decided to buy this painting, he said it was very beautiful. And this has really inspired me."

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