TEDxEdges 2010 - October in Portimão, Portugal

    TEDxEdges is a unique one-day closed (invitation-only) unique inspiration event, held for the 2nd year running (in 2009 it was held in Lisboa at FALD) and in 2010 it will take place Friday, the 1st October 2010 in the Teatro Municipal de Portimão, Algarve.

    TEDxEdges gathers some 200 creative and active thinkers in the end of Summer in the Algarve – from entrepreneurs to artists – and is all about ideas: inspiring, discovering, generating and sharing ideas worth spreading in various areas, with the Algarve as the background theme, debating the technological models to be adopted by Portugal, and confronting those policies with other international practices, such those of Israel, and other rather small and periphery countries.

    In order to participate in the event you must actively contribute to its activities – present an idea to discuss, host an activity or actively contribute to one, or just be willing to network a lot with other people. Participation is free and by invitation only.

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