Walrus TV Artist Feature: HVW8 Interview from The Run Up

    When it's the three of us we think differently, challenge each other, and approach problems differently. It's allowed us to grow independently as artists and also bring more when collectively we get together. Now there's nothing that really stops us. Distance doesn't stop us.
    - HVW8

    Montreal's HVW8 Production House was established in 1998 by Tyler Gibney, Gene Pendon and Dan Buller. Often merging political themes and pop cultural images in massive compositions, their collaborative work integrates each member's style seamlessly. HVW8 has produced album covers, exhibited in international galleries and museums, and performed live beside artists such as Roots Manuva and Herbalizer. Watch the interview from "The Run Up," available to the public for free for the first time, on Walrus TV.

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