Start from Zero

    “Start From Zero” was founded by a Hong Kong local street artist - Dom. START stands for STreet ART, STencil ART and STicker ART. The are two meanings of “Start From Zero”:

    1. He started performing street art from nothing, i.e. “zero; I hope that when someone see my stickers, they will be like me, start doing street art from “zero”.

    2. It can be a slogan for encouraging people when they are unhappy, down or miserable. He also wants people to remind their friends of this slogan when the same things happen.

    Apart from using stickers, “Start From Zero” also uses wheat pastes, spraying on stencils with different characters and illustrations to convey his message on streets. “Street From Zero” does solo street art as well as collaboration street art. He is an active member of a Hong Kong Street Art crew - ST/ART.Besides performing street art, “Street From Zero” will release various products, T-shirts, badges, caps and other accessories. These are the additional media for “Start From Zero” to more widely spread his message to everyone

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