Shepard Fairey’s new Deitch mural is getting hit up and is target #1

    Looks like graffiti artist NAW was the first to tag over Shepard Fairey’s new Deitch Projects mural in lower Manhattan. Plus, a Target sticker was placed on the mural, which we assume was put in a mocking tone of Shepard’s Studio Number One commercial and branding endeavors.

    Shepard bombed the world hard over the last 20 years, and we respect him a lot for that. But when you become #1, you become target #1 (no pun intended). People don’t care what you did, they care about what you are doing now.

    As Shepard told the NY Times, “Because I’m straddling the line between all these different worlds – the fine art world, the street art world, commercial design, fashion – I think I’m a target for a lot of narrow-minded people who just aren’t comfortable with my multi-platform approach,” he said. “If that’s how they express their view is by vandalizing my mural, that’s fair. I assume that they think that putting a bullet hole through it is a clever interactive addition, which I actually agree with.”

    via: The Citrus Report

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