Project - The Bright Side of Crisis

    To whom: designers, illustrators, photographers, other artists and creative people in general
    When: From today on and until 31 August 2009

    Topic (brief): The Bright Side of Crisis

    Everyone says financial crisis stimulate creativity. We want to prove that! The word "crisis" is in everyone's vocabulary nowadays. We can't stand hearing and feeling so much negativism around us because of the crisis. So, we decided to launch "The Bright Side of Crisis" project here in Ulamonge blog. It's opened to every designer, illustrator, artist or creative mind, that would like to show off their work here in Ulamonge blog and keep their creative juices flowing.

    With the project title in mind - "The bright side of crisis" - put your creative juices flowing and send us some works - illustrations, designs, photos, videos, etc...

    Send us a thumbnail of your work in .jpg or .gif format with a maximum 600 px width, and a better version with 1024px maximum width. Videos should be posted on You Tube [or any other service that enables us to embbed them here] and then the links sent to us along with the embbed code. Send the works to brightsideofcrisis at

    Along with the work, you can send your location (city and country), a link to your portfolio or personal site [so that we can promote it here!] and a brief description about the work you have done [inspiration, techniques used, etc.]. If you want you can also send a short biography.

    We know we are visited by many creative people, so we hope to receive many creative answers so that we all can look at this crisis from a more positive angle. So, keep your creative juices flowing and contribute! Vent your skills here at Ulamonge Blog and at the same time help to brighter the day of many visitors, helping them making the most [in a positively way] of this crisis times we are living

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