Inspirational speeches come from akward places - the "Yes, we can!" saga

    The "true" story about the "Yes, we can" tagline of Obama's speeches

    Well, today, seeing a weekend movie on TV I happened to come across the source of the inspirational "Yes we can!" speech tagline of President Obama. His speech writers also must have seen this movie when writing the speech that gave momentum to his quest to be the historic 44th President of the United States.

    Always thought the source of such an inspirational tagline like that would be a more glamorous one, but sometimes great things come from where you least expect it.

    Well, the movie I was watching on TV, was Gotta Kick It Up! that was a 2002 production made especially for TV, starring Camille Guaty (The Nine, Las Vegas) and America Ferrera (of Ugly Betty fame, in the early begginings of her career).

    Here's the plot of the movie, taken from IMDB - "This was going to be the first year that Marshal Middle School was not going to have a dance team. All that changes when the new Biology teacher, Ms. Bartlett, agrees to be the coach. Now the girls need to prove that they are ready to compete and are able to win; not only to themselves, but to their parents and coach. Using the chant "si, se puede" or "yes, I can" the Dance team builds their confidence to perform."

    Well, just a curiosity for you, our readers! Watch the movie for yourselves to confirm it...

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