Catwalk Genius - crownfunding site for fashion designers

    Catwalk Genius is an online fashion store and a crowd-funding site.

    There, you can buy fashion direct from fashion designers, learn about where the fashion comes from and support the development of fashion by backing a designer. The backing of a designer is done by paying £10 (plus £1 processing fee) to secure 1 of 5000 shares in that designer's next collection. You can buy multiple shares in any number of designers. Buy 5 shares in a designer and you’ll earn a 10% discount on purchases of their Catwalk Genius products for the next 6 months. If you change your mind, you can switch allegiances to another designer or withdraw your share and get a refund (minus a £1 processing fee) at any point up until your designer reaches their funding target of £50000.

    Once all 5000 shares have sold, your designer will hit their fund target of £50000. Within 6 months of that point, they'll create a new collection with the costs covered by the fund. For each item that is sold from this collection, all profits will be split so that 30% goes to the designer, 30% goes to us and 30% goes to the supporters (split proportionately according to the number of shares owned by each). The remaining 10% is set aside for an affiliate programme.

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