The work of Davis Carvalho

    David Carvalho, has been born in 1980, he is a Portuguese Artist & Designer that has been developing work in many design disciplines, by himself and together with other artists all around the world for the past years.

    He started studying design by his own since he was a kid and simply dedicated his life to one of his biggest passions: creativity. Since then, he has worked for many design studios in Portugal. In 2003 started his own design company where he stayed for 3 years, named Pkage Design, based in a co-foundation with friend and designer Nuno Salvaterra where they both assumed the Art Direction and still continued to do design works. Nowadays, David is working for Spirituc as a Senior Designer.

    He was responsible for launching many well known projects in Portugal. In 2002 launched the first Design related PDF Magazine called Camouflage where for more than 3 years he got together 80 Portuguese Artists, Designers and Studios. Side by side with Pkage, in 2004, once again together with his partner, he was also responsible for the launch of Propaganda that was the first Design Online Store in Portugal, that gather exclusive artwork from well known artists and studios, like Superdeux, Kleber Design, Tom Muller, Ekiselev, David Carembou, Mauro Gatti, Musa Collective, Evostruct, Mark Boyce, Dirty Deluxe, Jemma Gura and so many more..

    As an artist, he has created many alter egos where he expressed himself in very different ways. Electroclandestino was the most known, with which David participated at exhibitions in London, Paris, Bruxelles, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Tokyo, Barcelona, Lisbon, OPorto, Milan, São Paulo and so many other places. Being some of his work published in international design books and others awarded at Design Festivals.

    Karpa killed Electroclandestino in an internal dialog that assumed the homicide for Fame and Glory! “The world was too small for the both of us”, he said before pulling the trigger. Karpa, besides being a slaughter murder, is the new alter ego of David’s work, a new era, a new vision, a new way of observing, feeling and showing it to the world

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