Currently, cable's Sci-fi Channel is resurrecting BSG and re-telling the story for another generation. For most fans this is a happy day, one for which they have lobbied hollywood for a long time. But for some purists of the original series, it is a potential nightmare--another Galactica 1980, and many are actively campaigning to boycott the new version.

    What could solicit such passion? Scifi's re-telling of the story does sport some major departures that old-school fans might not accept initially. Instead of a continuation, as was Battlestar 1980, or even a complete remake using different characters or continuity, SciFi has chosen to bring back the popular characters featured in the 1978 series... but with some major "alterations".

    Exactly what changes have incited the controversy? The risk-taking cable channel has boldly gone where no man has gone before by changing genders and nationalities of the main characters. For instance, cigar smoking rogue Starbuck was seen on the original series as somewhat of a lovable chauvanist. Now, on the new series he'll be a sassy blonde babe! We'll have to wait and see if she has an affinity for cigars.

    While one can laugh at the irony of that particular sex change, other fans may have a problem with the double whammy that Lt. Boomer has undergone. Not only has he been neutered, but what gave this black man "soul" has been replaced by Seoul… as in Korea. Yep, you guessed it, instead of a proud African male, he is now a hot young Korean chick!

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