Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser

    Get a look at Star Wars: The Force Awakens in this 88-second teaser.

    Episode VII in the Star Wars Saga, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, opens in theaters December 18, 2015.

    Hopare - Casablanca

    casablanca from hopare on Vimeo.

    U2: Raised by Wolves - Portuguese street artist Vhils kicks off Films of Innocence

    A pack of wolves roam the suburbs of Lisbon in U2’s explosive collaboration with Vhils. The political murals of Northern Ireland inspired Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. in the series of filmic couplings with 11 artists hailing from the UK to US, South Africa to Egypt, Belgium to Portugal, inspired by tracks from their polarizing new record Songs of Innocence. Vhils is Alexandre Farto, a young urban vanguard from Lisbon whose creative treatment of neglected bricks and mortar reveals haunting portraits of both political figures and the everyman. Working with U2 and Solid Dogma on “Raised by Wolves,” Farto’s dramatic, slow-motion set pieces were captured in only a day and a half.

    EDEKA - Kassensymphonie

    What if you went shopping to your supermarket and something like this happened? Great guerrilla marketing action!


    Pintando - Oss.Iron.Dias from galvanleal on Vimeo.

    Nissan Leaf-powered graffiti

    Nissan creates the first car-powered graffiti using the 100% electric Nissan LEAF - the world’s best-selling electric vehicle (EV). The street art was created on polluted walls in London and Hamburg depicting the cities iconic skylines.

    Festival Push Porto 2014

    Festival Push Porto 2014 from Circus TV on Vimeo.

    Push Porto Festival, created by Circus Network, had it's first edition in September of 2014. This festival aims to promote illustration and street art in Oporto, Portugal. It consisted on mural paintings, talks, workshops and many other activities.
    Filming: Ana Muska, Ana Sardo, Alexandre Carvalho, Catarina Silva, Carolina Silva, Francisco Araújo, Nuno Fertus e Point & Shoot
    Edition: Ana Muska
    Music: LASERS (


    Need for Speed and Ken Block present: Gymkhana SIX: The Ultimate Gymkhana Grid Course.

    Need For Speed's Racing Advisor Ken Block built the ultimate Gymkhana GRID course -- a real-life playground to showcase the sheer speed, fun and exhilarating action of driving. This means all-new obstacles that help raise the difficulty for Block to master in his Ford Fiesta ST RX43 2013 racecar, including maneuvering around a moving wrecking ball and sliding through narrow opening cut into the sides of shipping containers. Block also added videogame elements from Need for Speed Rivals. Watch as he executes multiple jumps, drifts around Lamborghini Aventadors and evades the videogame-themed Redview County cops on Segways in his own unique style. You can almost smell the burn of the rubber as he tears up this incredible course. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

    Pantónio in Figueira da Foz, Portugal

    Untitled from pantónio on Vimeo.

    Shot in August
    Artwork curated by WOOL

    Banksy Does New York Tease (HBO Documentary Films)

    Get a sneak peek at Banksy Does New York before its on-air premiere, beginning Oct. 31 on HBO On Demand and HBO GO. Premieres on HBO Nov. 17.

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