JEREMY FISH FEATURE- The Creative Lives Season 2

    JEREMY FISH FEATURE- The Creative Lives Season 2 from The Creative Lives on Vimeo.

    Inspired by his traveling salesman uncle, Jeremy Fish is drawn to the road like a river to the sea. On this three week journey we follow Jeremy and his trusted van Big Mike up the Pacific Northwest on the tail end of his 2010 summer tour that took him to galleries across Europe and the Southeast United States. Jeremy created unique paintings for each city on the tour, inspired by their heritage, and tells us about his own upbring and love of art as we travel through Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington.

    Koralie Color Tour


    “When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies? Perhaps to be too practical is madness. To surrender dreams — this may be madness. Too much sanity may be madness — and maddest of all: to see life as it is, and not as it should be!”
    ― Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Don Quixote

    Covers by Henning M. Lederer

    Covers from Henning M. Lederer on Vimeo.

    Covers – A series of 55 animated vintage book graphics
    How would these great book covers from the past look like when set in motion? Here we go…

    Animation: Henning M. Lederer /
    Music: Jörg Stierle /
    Julian Montague Project /
    Book Worship /


    VANTAGE POINT 049 - FIN DAC from Vantage Point Radio on Vimeo.

    His calm, mature demeanor gives the impression of a laid back "go with the flow" kind of guy, but make no mistake, Fin DAC is a man who does things his own way. From his instantly recognizable subject matter and trademark "paint spitting" stencil technique which helped rocket him into the public consciousness a few years back to the way he approaches and manages his career, Fin DAC blazes his own path, actively avoiding the typical model laid out by so many artists before him.
    Although technically based in London, Fin DAC spends all of his time on the road. Bouncing from city to city leaving his masked geishas everywhere he goes as if building a global army of beauties for some diabolical secret future plot. As he moves across the globe expanding his reach and perfecting his technique (transitioning away from using stencils), Fin DAC sticks mainly to independent projects rather than jumping on the bandwagon of mural festivals and open rotating wall projects so common these days. With such strong imagery and laser focus, there doesn't seem to be anything that can slow him down.

    Gutterdämmerung - Official Trailer

    The hounds of hell are finally being unleashed, the trailer for Gutterdämmerung is here! Slash, Joshua Homme, Lemmy, Grace Jones, Iggy Pop, Justice, Henry Rollins, Slayer's Tom Araya, Volbeat, Mark Lanegan, Nina Hagen and Jesse Hughes all star in Bjorn Tagemose's dark rock and roll fairy tale.

    YASH - Luthens Gränd, Stockholm

    YASH - Luthens Gränd, Stockholm from YASH on Vimeo.

    Stockholm has for many years had a zero tolerance policy against graffiti and everything around it. The policy is now history and the city is open for new ideas. This permanent wall located on Luthens Gränd is a project initiated by YASH and realized with support from Highlights, Montana-cans, Stockholmshem and Cramo.

    Video by: Martin Stenmark -
    Music by: New Abisko -

    Olek for POW! WOW! Hawaii 2015

    Olek for POW! WOW! Hawaii 2015 from POW! WOW! Hawaii on Vimeo.

    Supported by Anthropologie, Olek created an environmentally and culturally relevant crochet installation for POW! WOW! Hawaii 2015. The crocheted canoe is housed on the front lawn of the Honolulu Art Museum and speaks of marine life while connecting traditional crochet techniques and Hawaiian canoeing.
    Directed by Jonas Maon

    Portrait of an Artist | Felipe Pantone

    Portrait of an Artist | Felipe Pantone from Selina Miles on Vimeo.

    A series of facts of varying importance on the topic of Felipe Pantone.
    Felipe Pantone is a contemporary slash kinetic slash graffiti artist living in Valencia, Spain. Selina Miles is a video director from Brisbane, Australia. Together, they celebrate their love of the internet and facts in this short film.

    Directed and Edited by Selina Miles.

    Felipe Pantone’s body of work spans from graffiti to kinetic art. Strong contrasts, vivid colors, effects, and the use of mixed medium and varied technique combine to impact strongly on the viewer.
    What really intrigues is not the striking nature of his work, but the artist’s journey to discover this aesthetic. We live in a time where more images are produced than can possibly be seen, and the impetus for an artist to stand out from the others is stronger than ever. Information flows at an exponentially increasing rate, a leitmotif recurrent in Felipe Pantone’s compositions, his hyperactivity, working methods and his constant traveling around the world.

    It was during this travel he met Selina Miles, an Australian filmmaker who specializes in documenting graffiti and street art. With a deep love for new techniques, camera tricks and fast-paced, energetic short films, Selina accepted Felipe's challenge of cramming as much information as possible into a 5 minute film.
    This video also serves as promotion for Felipe Pantone's upcoming solo show "Stereodynamica" at Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne, Australia.

    Dismaland - The Official Unofficial Film

    A cinematic journey around Banksy’s Dismaland. Read about the project here:

    ©2015 Jamie Brightmore

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